Meerkat in Action – Learning from Nature

I love animals and took this picture of a Meerkat family at Rietvlei Nature Reserve, Pretoria, South Africa.

Meerkats live in very harsh conditions across Africa but they are capable to adopt very smart survival strategies, which is mainly based on mutual trust. “One member is assigned the job of guard while the mob feeds. As soon as they spot any danger, they alert the whole clan, which then has enough time to run for safety.” Meerkat are part of the Mongoose family, but have evolved in the Southern part of Africa and learned how to survive in extremely harsh environments.

For Meerkats, it is all about trust; one slip of alerting the mob can be the difference between life and death.

From a knowledge management perspective, due to uncertainties, threats and constraints, we are also required to work in “harsh” conditions and need smart knowledge management strategies to survive.

What can we learn?

Words like “Trust, Social, collaboration, teamwork, caretakers, stay safe from predators. Meerkats are very good at digging (knowledge leaders need to dig deep!), immune to certain types of venom (don’t take it personally). Have excellent eyesight, they can spot predators at great distance and have ample time to react (knowledge leaders need to have a good vision, stand tall and look at the bigger picture and change their strategy at exactly the right time). Meerkats are lovable.. Knowledge leaders need to be admired as well.
Feel free to add your lessons to the list.

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